What's New: Include Variables from Other Worksheets

We've been spending the last weeks hard at work adding new functionality to the Swift Calcs platform and are excited to today announce the first major feature from this effort: the ability to include variables and functions into a worksheet.

Often times when performing calculations, it is useful to segregate different aspects of a calculation into multiple worksheets, or to define different inputs in different locations. Starting now, you can include variables or functions into a Swift Calcs worksheet that are defined in another worksheet. Get started by clicking the Import Worksheet tool under the General tab in the toolbox. You can include variables from any worksheet to which you have read level access, whether you are the original author or whether the worksheet was shared with you.

For users on our Free Public plan, you can include up to 2 variables or functions per source worksheet. For our Paid members, there are no limits on the numbers of variables or sources you can include in your work.

But wait, there's more...

We weren't done there, however. In addition to including your own worksheets, Swift Calcs has built a curated library of worksheets complete with useful constants and functions for a variety of engineering and scientific fields. We are starting today with constant libraries for the following fields:

When using the Include Worksheet tool, you'll be given the option of loading from the Swift Calcs library. We are working hard to increase the number of curated worksheets available over and plan to release more over the next few months, so keep checking back!

And we still weren't done

Often, its useful to define your own standard set of constants or functions for use in your work. Swift Calcs also allows you to set a default set of worksheets and variables to include in every new worksheet you create, ensuring your library of information is always automatically loaded for you. Set up your own defaults by clicking Change Settings under the account menu at the top right, or by clicking Change Default Settings under the Options menu in the menubar.

More help is available

Learn more about this feature and how to use it in the Swift Calcs help articles.

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