Introducing Currencies in Swift Calcs

Working with units in Swift Calcs has always been a key feature that our users have time and time again told us keeps them coming back to Swift Calcs. With a wide range of units from engineering and physics, it's easy to perform complex calculations with automatic unit tracking and checking, ensuring consistency in results while also reducing errors and conversion mistakes.

Today, Swift Calcs is excited to announce the addition of currency to the unit library in Swift Calcs.

Unlike traditional units, which have fixed conversion rates (12 inches is always 1 foot!), currency conversions fluctuate constantly. Now your Swift Calcs worksheet can make use of currency conversion with daily updates to the conversion rates. Calculate your expected profit or costs in the local currencies, and convert the results back to your primary currency. Come back in a few days to find the results updated based on the pricing of the day.

Historical conversion rates are here too!

From your worksheet settings, found by clicking this icon at the top of your worksheet: Settings Icon, you can select the date to use for your currency conversions in the calculation. Our data goes back over 10 years, and over the next few months we will be adding more history to bring our data back even farther.

Start using currencies today

Since Swift Calcs is cloud based, your worksheets can start using currency units today. Find the currency option in the units list in the math-mode toolbar, or add currency units directly by using the autocomplete menu that appears when you start typing the name of the currency. Our full list of currencies, and their associated 3 letter unit symbol, is listed below:

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