Swift Calcs announces Onshape support

Swift Calcs is excited to announce the launch of Onshape support within the Swift Calcs application, and the addition of Swift Calcs to the Onshape App Store! With the Swift Calcs Onshape app, you're product design and analysis can live side-by-side in one unified worksheet.


Onshape is the first and only full-cloud 3D CAD system that lets everyone on a design team simultaneously work together using any web browser, phone, or tablet. Started by an all-star team of Solidworks alums, Onshape is a fully cloud-based professional CAD suite compatible with all the major file types and systems.

We at Swift Calcs have been using Onshape for our own hobby projects for months and love the product and where it is going. We share the same vision as the Onshape team: the current crop of engineering applications is based on an outdated "desktop-first" paradigm. It's time to unshackle engineering design and analysis from the frustrations of node-locked licenses, incessant software updates, bug-ridden PLM tools, and file-access from certain machines and operating systems. It's time for engineering software to enter the 21st century.

Swift Calcs App in the Onshape store

With the Swift Calcs App, Onshape users can directly create Swift Calcs worksheets inside their Onshape window. After authorizing the Swift Calcs Onshape app for your account from the Onshape App Store, you'll find a new entry in the 'Add Application' box at the bottom left of your Onshape screen:
instructions to add Swift Calcs tab

When you add Swift Calcs to your Onshape document, a new tab will open in your document, with Swift Calcs loaded inside. The Swift Calcs worksheets you create in this tab are specifically linked to your Onshape document, and they share the same access rights as your Onshape document. Share your Onshape file with others, and they automatically get access to the Swift Calcs worksheets associated with that file.

With Swift Calcs in Onshape, you can keep your CAD files and your analysis all in the same place!

Login with Onshape

With the integration of Onshape into Swift Calcs, you can now log in to Swift Calcs directly with your Onshape account. From the login menu, simply choose the 'login with Onshape' bubble and enter your Onshape account information in the popup that appears. Your account will be fully linked, and any Swift Calcs documents you link to Onshape files will be accessible in Swift Calcs through a special 'Onshape' item in the Projects list.

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