Hot off the press: Plots and Charts with Plotly.js

Our graphics team is happy to announce that Swift Calcs plots and charts are now driven by the wonderful open source library plotly.js!

Built on d3.js, plotly.js offers a wide range of chart types, visual styles, and display options that enable more refined and visually pleasing plots and charts in Swift Calcs. This new library is a great improvement over the previous library we relied on, bringing with it great cross-browser support, stability, and a wide range of options.

And what does this mean for me?

As of today, Plotly has been integrated into Swift Calcs as a true drop-in replacement. Your plots, including styling options for markers, lines, and colors, will now appear in Plotly generated diagrams. The plot types have been simplified, and more display options are available, including:

More plots are next...

The change to Plotly also opens a wide range of new plot options to the Swift Calcs development team, and we are working hard to enable these new plot styles for general use. Soon, Swift Calcs will support contour plots, interactive 3D wireframe and surface plots, bubble plots, pie charts, and more.

So here's a thanks to Plotly.js and the wonderful open-source software community for powering the graphics back-end that makes Swift Calcs possible!

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