Swift Calcs Pro and Business are Here!

We've been at work on Swift Calcs for over a year, and are thrilled to announce that as of today, we're out of Beta. Accompanying this change in version numbers is the introduction of paid plans in Swift Calcs: Swift Calcs Professional and Swift Calcs Business.

Paid Plans?!? I like free!

So do we! But we also like making reliable and compelling products, which takes resources. So we've tried to split the difference: We are maintaining a free version through our Swift Calcs Public plan. This option, restricted to non-commercial uses, includes many of the most popular Swift Calcs features and is designed for academics and hobbyists.

For commercial users and those looking for private documents, team management features, priority support, and more, we have crafted the Professional and Business Plans to suit your needs. We've designed our paid subscription plans to allow us to continue to build and improve Swift Calcs for all our users.

Why Now?

We've been squashing bugs and building features for months, and we're not stopping now. But the platform has reached a level of stability and usability that is increasingly attracting serious users with serious needs. The paid plans allow us to continue building the Swift Calcs platform while delivering world-class customer service.

Get to the details!

Our plans and their features are shown in the table below. As a thank you to all of our Beta users, we are offering everyone the Business Plan for free for the entire month of February. New users who sign up will be given the option of a 10 day trial. When you're ready to buy, click the manage subscription link from accounts pulldown menu at the top right of every Swift Calcs screen, or click here to see your current subscription settings.



Hobbyists and
Non-Commercial Users


User / mo

Individuals or Small
Teams of 1 to 5


$ 45
User / mo

Business Users or
Teams of Any Size
Swift Calcs Core Features
Human Readable Mathematics
Advanced Math Engine
Full Unit Support in Calculations
Engineering Equation and Function Library
Coming Soon...
Engineering Materials Database
Thermodynamic Properties Database Limited to 2 component mixtures
Create Custom Toolboxes and Functions
Coming Soon...
Collaboration Features
Access Files Anywhere, Anytime
Open-Source Worksheets
Private Worksheets
Collaborators per Worksheet 1 4 Unlimited
Team Sharing Options
Cleaned output when printing With non-commercial notice in header
Plugins and Connections
Autodesk Fusion 360 Limited to 3 Projects
Onshape Limited to 3 Projects
Online Forums and Knowledgebase
Priority Email Support When available 2 tickets per month
Priority Feature Development
Full SSL encryption between you and Swift Calcs
View-Only Sharing Permissions
View-Only and Copy Permissions
Ability to Invalidate and Reset URLs
File Revision History
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