We're back and better than ever

You may have noticed that the Swift Calcs team has been quiet the last few months. Did you miss us? We sure missed you...but we wanted to try out that whole strong, silent-type thing (or was it a mysterious and hard-to-get thing?).

Actually, we've been spending the last months deeply engaged with some of our more active users. What has been working? And more importantly, what has been broken, and what can we improve? Over that time, we've been dropping in updates and adding features as we fix bugs, plug issues, and prepare to exit from Beta later this year.

Now we're back

Now we're back and better than ever. Some of the new features we are excited to announce today (scroll down to read more about each):

We'll keep in touch

Watch this space for updates every 2 or 3 weeks. We'll be highlighting recent changes, features, and changes designed to improve your engineering workflow.

And as always, let us know what you think! Create a new support ticket from the help pulldown in Swift Calcs and send us your thoughts, or contact us directly at [email protected].

Details of Recent Updates

New help and support Section

A major problem with Swift Calcs has been a lack of user documentation or tutorials. Today, that starts to change. We have launched a brand new help and support center, accessed from the '?' icon at the top right of every Swift Calcs screen. View video tutorials outlining the basics of Swift Calcs, access user forums, and submit support tickets to Swift Calcs staff. We are actively building this help section now, and have a good base of tutorials available today. By mid-December, we will have added significantly more help content to help you get the most out of Swift Calcs.

Integrated Material Data

We are happy to announce the availability of material data for hundreds of engineering materials, courtesy of makeitfrom.com. Access this data by clicking the 'material library' item in the toolbox under the 'General' category. When you add this to your worksheet, a popup will prompt you with a list of materials, and when you select a material and assign it to a variable, you can access a variety of material data using name:property syntax. See it in action here:

Integrated Thermodynamic Data

We are also thrilled to announce that thermodynamic data for a wide range of species is now available within Swift Calcs. To use this data, define a mixture of various species, set temperature and pressure of the mixture, and find properties such as enthalpy and entropy. You can also set enthalpy or entropy and find the corresponding temperature for that state. Access this data by clicking the 'ideal mixture' item in the toolbox under the 'General' category. When you add this to your worksheet, a popup will prompt you with a list of species, and when you select some and assign the mixture to a variable, you can access or set a variety of properties using name:property syntax. See it in action here:

Per-Result Significant Digits

Now, on any result in Swift Calcs, hover your mouse over the answer and select Change Precision from the pulldown menu to customize the displayed significant digits for the answer.

Parametric Plots

When you add a plot to Swift Calcs, you will see a new option, parametric, from the plot type pulldown. With parametric plots, you can define the x and y coordinates based on a function of a third variable.

Integration with Onshape and Autodesk Fusion 360

We have launched our integrations for the cloud CAD platforms from Onshape and Autodesk. With our apps, you can perform calculations in Swift Calcs and tie your results directly to variables in your CAD geometry, allowing for your calculations to directly drive your CAD files.

Check out our Onshape App and our Fusion 360 Add-in, and visit the new help section in Swift Calcs to find tutorial videos for both the Onshape and Fusion 360 integrations.

Embed your worksheet on other websites

Now, in the 'sharing' section for worksheets and projects, you can find an 'embed' section that will provide a small code snippet that you can copy and paste on to your blog, or another website that you control. When used on your site, the embed code will integrate your Swift Calcs file directly on your site, allowing you to show your content within your own website.

Smarter autocomplete

We've been refining our auto-complete and auto-conversion routines in Swift Calcs to better provide suggestions and transformations of use to you. For example, units are now automatically recognized for every unit, unless a variable with the same name has been defined in your worksheet. Similarly, autocomplete is now case-sensitive, to ensure 'kN' suggests kilonewtons before knots.

And much, much more

From stability improvements to bug fixes to feature enhancements, the changelist for the last few months has been long. Check out our public repositories to learn more, and keep your eyes here as we continue to update the community over the next months as Swift Calcs continues to grow and improve.

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