What's New: January 2017

The dev team has been busy this new year, with a wide ranging update that brings a number of requested features and upgrades to Swift Calcs. It's quite the list, and with these updates we're very close to our official transition out of the beta phase!

Line indentation

To help with the visual separation of worksheets, individual lines or groups of lines can be indented. Indentation does not impact calculation in any way, but provides a visual grouping of lines that can be helpful in worksheet organization. Additionally, when multiple lines are indented together, they whole group can be collapsed or expanded using the icons in the worksheet margins.
indent image

Toggle evaluation on lines

Sometimes, it may be useful to toggle out a line from a calculation. Whether for debugging, testing multiple values for a variable, or archiving some previous work, you can now click the small calculator icon in the left-hand margin of a worksheet to disable evaluation for a single line, or group of lines. Simply click again to re-enable.
disable evaluation

Variable results inside text mode

An oft-requested feature, you can now add variable values directly into text mode. As a worksheet changes and values of variables change, the value referenced in the text box will update as well.
variable in text mode

Variable values in autocomplete

Now, when entering equations, the autocomplete listing will show the variable name as well as its current value (large values, such as large matrices that would overflow the autocomplete menu, are hidden).
autocomplete with variables

Variable references in equations

When you click on a variable in math-mode, or move your cursor onto a variable name, a popup will show the value of the variable and the line on which it was defined. Click the line number to move to the definition. No popup will be shown if the variable is not defined.
variable popup in math mode

Cascade variable renaming

Sometimes, you've made a long calculation only to find that you want to rename a variable, but doing so would require updating many other lines that refer to the variable. No longer: now, Swift Calcs will detect if a variable has been renamed, and ask if you would like to have all references automatically updated as well.
variable renaming

Multiple linear regression

A new tool in the toolbox in the data section, the multiple linear regression tool allows you to find the best fit function for multiple independent variables.
multi regression

More unit support!

We've increased support for units. Now, rotational units in units of angle/time (rad/s, deg/h, etc) can be converted to or from frequency units (Hz, rpm, etc), added together, or used interchangeably. We've also added prefix support for the mole unit, so now kmol, cmol, etc are available for use. Finally, as previously announced, Fahrenheit and Celsius units are now available in Swift Calcs!

Function helper

One area of confusion we often see in user studies is the difference between a variable and a function in Swift Calcs. Swift Calcs will now work to help automatically convert variable definitions to function definitions where appropriate (not your intent? Simply press undo or Ctrl-Z to undo the change):
var to function helper

Comma delimiter

In your user settings, you can now select whether to show comma delimiters with numbers to help visual separate orders of 1000:
comma in number

More help docs

We've finished out video tutorial library, available form the top-right of any Swift Calcs window or from the help menu. Find topics ranging from introductory lessons to help with calculations to videos on sharing worksheets.

We're not done!

More is on the way, so stay tuned as we continue to make Swift Calcs better, and as always, don't hesitate to send along your ideas, questions, or comments.

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