What's New with Swift Calcs: 11/29/2016

In the latest iteration of What's New, we will be walking through a number of features that we're added to Swift Calcs over the last four weeks. Remember, since Swift Calcs is cloud-based, these features are already live and available to you now, without any software to update or install.

Better auto-conversion handling

Swift Calcs makes entering equations with units easy by automatically converting entry that matches a built-in unit as you type. Sometimes, however, you really meant 'm', not 'meters', and the auto-conversion is unintended. Starting now, use the undo functionality in Swift Calcs (found in the edit menu or with the Ctrl-Z keyboard shortcut) to immediately undo the auto-conversion. This behavior will also stop the symbol from being converted in the future for the same line. This quick ability to undo the auto-conversion will help you more quickly enter equations that match your intent today.

Email bounce reports in invitations

When inviting other users to your projects or worksheets in Swift Calcs, you will now receive a notification if any email addresses provided fail upon delivery. Although this will not catch issues associated with invitation email ending up in spam filters, any recipients that outright block the invitation email will be shown in a message after in Swift Calcs after the invitation is sent, helping you know that some users, although invited, may not have received the invitation itself.

More help videos

Our help documentation team has put together 6 more tutorial videos, available now in the Swift Calcs help area (accessed through the 'help' menu). These tutorial videos cover more advanced calculations in Swift Calcs, including working with units, variables, functions, and solving equations using the symbolic and numeric solvers. Stay tuned as this team puts together even more documentation over the coming weeks.

Bugs and issues

Various bugs and issues were squashed across the software, including a calculation bug in the mathematics engine that caused incorrect factorization results in rare cases, and a bug that limited use of the Candela unit in Swift Calcs. Find a bug, let us know so that we can make Swift Calcs better!

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